One less fairy* in our household

Robbie lost a tooth tonight. It had been wobbly for a few days and it finally came off just as he was going to bed. As he mentioned that he should be getting a pound for it, I innocently asked who’d be giving him that pound. He looked at me sheepishly and said “the tooth fairy?” I returned the look and he said “actually, I know it’s you”. I said that I thought he might know and that’s why I’d asked him. I added that he’s grown up enough now to know that the tooth fairy doesn’t exist and he nodded. He almost looked as though he was letting me down in a “I’m growing up and not your little boy anymore” sort of way. It was very sweet.

I’m fairly sure he knows about Santa and the Three wise men too. I guess we’ll be having that conversation in due course. He really is growing up and not our little boy anymore!

[*note: I don’t condone the use of the word “fairy” to refer to gay men by non-gay people. My use of the word here is meant to be humorous. It’s a bit like the n-word, which I’d never use but those who can be referred to with it sometimes use to refer to themselves, taking ownership of it. So there, I’m not being politically incorrect, just taking ownership of the word. Clarification over.]