His heart belongs to Daddy

As I mentioned on my last post, I was somewhat concerned about how Robbie and I would get on while Glen was away for three days this week. I needn’t have worried: it was fine. Actually, it was better than fine. We got on really well, did lots of stuff together and really enjoyed each other’s company. He was kind, considerate and very affectionate towards me, as was I towards him. It was just lovely to spend time having fun together.

As we drove to the station to pick Glen up, I told Robbie how pleased I was that we’d got on so well while Daddy was away. He agreed. Then, as soon as Glen came into view, he ran out of the car and into his arms. As they hugged, Robbie turned to me and gave me an apologetic look. It seemed to say “I know how well we’ve got on, but it’s Daddy I love most”. I smiled and winked, trying to convey that it’s ok. We both know his relationship with Glen is safer and a lot more stable, and bound to be interpreted in that way.