Elton John, homophobic parent?

I was on holiday when this piece of news came out and I’ve been meaning to write about it. Elton John recently said in an interview that it will be heartbreaking for his son to grow up without a mum, and he worries about homophobic bullying.

You can read the story here.

I was quite angry that Elton appears to take the view that growing up with two dads is somehow a hindrance, especially coming from such a public out gay figure and one that is a gay dad (by surrogacy, not adoption) himself.

I was going to write a long text about it when I found the responses from a gay and a lesbian parent. Of all places, it was published in the Daily Mail. They say everything I wanted to say and more, so I leave you with the link here. As usual with all Daily Mail articles, whatever you do, don’t read the comments or have a look at the voting on how they are received.