A fabulous day

I don’t often post about our good days, of which there are many. I guess this is because it’s the hard ones I need to get my head around and writing helps me do that. But last Sunday was such a great day I just have to write about it.

We went up to London, where Robbie was taking part in the sponsored Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research London bikeathon. He did amazingly well, riding his bike for over six miles in under 90 minutes. He got a medal as was very pleased with it. We cheered him on every time he completed yet another lap of the circuit (he went round 34 times in total) as when he finished we told him how proud of him we were. I also told him that he should be very proud of himself. For the first time ever, on hearing those words, Robbie didn’t shake his head. He didn’t nod either, but it’s a step in the right direction.

After the sponsored bike ride (Robbie raised £150), we took the Emirates cable car to the Greenwich peninsula. From the cable car we could see this huge ride by the side of the O2: the BT Infinity ride. Spinning chairs 40 metres high. Robbie wanted to go on it, so we agreed. The four-minute ride felt like an hour. Glen and I got off feeling rather queasy, but Robbie had loved every minute. After a walk around the O2 (thankfully you have to be 10 to climb on the roof) we took the cable car back, made our way home and went for a meal out at Robbie’s favourite restaurant.

Like I say, it was a great day out. We all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and there wasn’t a single bad moment.