Where have I been?

I’m sorry I’ve not been more prolific lately. I have not one but two excuses: first of all, I’ve had a cold for most of the past two weeks. It just won’t go away and it’s a pain. Second: I’ve lost my iPad. Yes, stupid me left it on a plane. It was seriously delayed and I had to literally run to get a coach home, so I bolted it from the plane and left it behind. Of course I rang lost property etc… but no success. I’m still kicking myself for it. Anyhow, I used to do all my writing on the iPad and without it I just don’t seem to get around to it.

The return to school was quite a non-event. Robbie adapted well to his new teacher and everything’s well. He’s been invited to a couple of birthday parties already. Even homework seems OK (well – until last Friday, more later), especially compared to how awful it used to be.

Therapy has continued too. More DDP (Robbie wasn’t particularly engaged for this latest session) and SAI (more jumping on cushions whilst being videoed – still not terribly clear what we’re getting out of this). The evening after therapy last week Robbie found an excuse to hit me. I think there’s so much that comes to the surface that he has to let it out somehow. Would rather it was with words, though, but it wasn’t a major eruption and we managed it quite well.

Last Friday was worse. Robbie got angry over homework and punched Glen very hard. Then he pinched him hard too. Glen was fuming (and hurting both physically and emotionally) and refused to acknowledge Robbie’s presence until I convinced him that his ignoring Robbie was only making Robbie feel even less worthy. As the grown-up, Glen gave in and there was a bit of re-connecting. There weren’t any further eruptions over the weekend.

And today… I’m taking the opportunity to catch up with this blog. What? No work today? Nope. That’s because I’ve reduced my hours to four days a week and shan’t be working Mondays for the next year. Everyone keeps telling me that I need to spend time doing things I want and relaxing, so that’s the plan. So far today I’ve been to the office once to pick up some paperwork I need to read before tomorrow morning and I’ve also done some housework. Me time? Hmmm. I’ve not given up 20% of my salary for this! Must try harder.