What a change

Glen goes off on a big work trip this evening. He has to to work in the US and Canada for the next three weeks. When he first told me about it a few months ago I immediately dreaded the idea of three weeks of being a single parent to Robbie. I worried that he’d panic about being on my own with me and express this through extreme behaviour, as he has done in the past. I knew that if that happened I’d end up being the mean baddy that he expects me to be as a consequence.

Robbie struggles when one of us (Glen in particular) has to be absent for a period of time. Last time Glen went on a work trip (5 days away), Robbie asked him IF he was coming back, rather than WHEN he would be back. To break up the long absence, we decided that Robbie and I would join Glen in Canada during half term the week after next. Not cheap, I assure you, but probably for the best.

So I’ll have a week on my own with Robbie followed by a week in Canada when I’ll be with Robbie all day until Glen can join us in the evening after work, followed by another week on my own with Robbie back home. And you know what? I’m not dreading it. The last few times that Robbie and I have been on our own have been fine. More than fine, in fact. They’ve been an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and we’ve made a lot of progress during that time. So I’m actually looking forward to us having an opportunity to spend time together. What a difference, huh? I’m giving myself a rare pat on the back just for putting my fears aside and believing that I can do this. And of course the one who deserves the most credit is Robbie, who little by little is learning to lower his defences and allowing himself to trust me. What a change indeed.