Desperately missing Daddy

For the past week, Robbie has been missing his Daddy like never before. Last Saturday, when we got home after dropping Glen off at the airport, Robbie started crying, saying he was missing Daddy a lot. He was inconsolable for quite a while, and my reassurances that we’d be seeing him in seven days’ time didn’t do much to calm him down.

It was much the same on Sunday night. Robbie was overwhelmed by emotion and seemed unable to entertain logical thoughts. At one point he sobbed “I just wish I could see him one more time”, as if Glen was gone for good. I was wise enough not to try being logical, I just accepted his feelings of loss and empathised with how awful it must feel. When he was calmer he was able to process that we’d be seeing Glen in only a few days. We managed to speak to Glen on the phone and he suggested Robbie cuddle his (Glen’s) teddy bear whenever he’s missing him. Robbie grabbed hold of Glen’s old teddy bear (the one Glen’s had since he was a little boy) and pretty much hasn’t let go of it all week.

For the rest of the week Robbie has been functioning ok during the day, but desperate to see Glen both first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Some mornings he’s been looking for Glen under the bed or inside wardrobes, and every night he’s got up well after he was put to bed with some excuse to get extra cuddles.

It’s been sad to see him suffer like that, but in a way it is lovely to see just how attached he is to Glen and how much he misses him when they’re apart.