After much anticipation, the day we’d been waiting for all week finally arrived. We took the coach to the airport, checked in, had something to eat and boarded the plane to Canada. We encountered a couple of hiccups: at first we were given separate seats, but they sorted that out at the gate without problems. The second hiccup was that if travelling to Canada alone with a child you’re supposed to have a letter from the child’s other parent giving permission to travel. I didn’t. I had all of Robbie’s adoption papers and explained that we were actually travelling to join Robbie’s other dad, though, and thankfully we were allowed on the plane.

The 8-hour flight was fine. Robbie enjoyed having a whole entertainment system to himself and we watched a few films that we’d missed at the cinema (Brave, Madagascar 3…).

When we landed I had to show the adoption papers to the customs officer again. He asked Robbie a few questions: who I was, why he was travelling to Canada, if he lived with a mum and dad… Robbie answered truthfully and we made it through.

Glen was waiting in arrivals. As soon as Robbie spotted him, he ran towards him, jumped up into his arms and locked his arms around Glen’s neck. It was lovely.

Something was very different about this reunion, however. Instead of ignoring or rejecting me as soon as we were reunited with Glen, as has happened in the past, Robbie included me. He held both our hands as we walked through the airport and I got hugs and kisses too. It was very touching to see him make an effort to be part of a family of three, rather than him and whichever parent he feels closer to at any point.