We survived Mother’s Day!

So, today was Mother’s Day. Every year Robbie feels duty-bound to miss his birth mother and be miserable all day because of it, so, knowing that he’s not really aware of when it actually happens, we didn’t mention it at all. In fact, to avoid going out and seeing signs on shop windows etc., I declared today a “pyjama day”. We didn’t get dressed at all and had a lazy day watching TV and playing games. Glen rang his mum while Robbie was in another room (I didn’t ring mine because Mother’s Day in Spain falls on the first Sunday in May) and Robbie never knew about it. We had a lovely day (we’ve actually had a very good week except for “homework wars” yesterday).

We’ve not quite got over the whole Mother’s Day thing as there’ll be preparations going on at school for the Mother’s Day assembly on Wednesday, but at least we’re over the worst. On Wednesday Robbie won’t go to school (as agreed with the school) and we’ll have a day out instead. So who knows? Maybe this year we’ll get off lightly.

BTW: The Observer carried a piece on Mother’s Day for gay parents today. It even included a quote from yours truly. Fame at last! ; )