Back to “normal”

Things have got better. Well, they couldn’t get much worse, could they? Last Friday I had a chat with Robbie and told him that I appreciated the effort he was making not to let his anger get to him. We all know it’s a matter of time until he hits me again and I didn’t want him to be living in fear of what might happen, so I also told him that even though I have faith in him, if he should ever hit me it won’t mean that I will automatically leave the family as a consequence.

At the weekend, homework brought with it a whole load of screaming and a complete refusal to do it. We tried distraction, doing in it short bits, putting it off, helping… but Robbie was not to be moved. In the end he exploded and insulted both Glen and me, and he also threw a toy at me. He lost his iPod and DS as a consequence only this time, instead of the usual strategy of returning them the following day, we told Robbie he’d have to earn them back by doing “good deeds”, such as helping around the house. Poor cinde-Robbie had to do such horrible things as tidying up his bedroom, folding washing and setting the table to earn some points. No wonder he hates us.