Things keep improving

We’ve had quite a good few days lately. Robbie’s being a lot less defiant with me and seems to have calmed down. This has allowed me to calm down too. One hiccup was our own “Valentine’s Day Massacre”. What a day that was! Robbie didn’t want to take any cards to school (fair enough) but came back with four cards from four different girls! He also came back rather upset because the rough boy in his class (the one who called him names a few weeks ago) punched him in the eye after Robbie made a comment about a girl the other boy fancies. Then one of the girls who’d given Robbie a card actually defended the other boy, whom she’s decided she likes better than Robbie. Big Drama! It’s like a soap opera in that school. And they’re 9. Robbie, as was to be expected, took all this out on me that evening. But I was quite prepared and managed to avoid the issue escalating into a full-blown incident at home. I haven’t taken the news of the punching lightly, by the way: the Head Teacher is looking into the incident after I emailed my concerns.

In the meantime we’re halfway through half term and we’ve been doing a few activities (one day out to visit a castle, playdates with friends…), but nothing too exciting.

We’ve also had contact with Robbie’s siblings. Robbie became very distressed the day before, worried that his siblings may not like him anymore, but as soon as he saw them he was absolutely fine. They played together for 4 hours before the time came to say goodbye. Usually there’s some sort of fallout the evening after contact or the following day, but this time Robbie’s been fine so far.